Your thoughts hold memories of a time too far for mine to grasp
Your heart so full of wisdom of your experiences you openly share
Your eyes tell the stories all full of joy and sorrow
Your skin is a map of your life, each line holding a memory buried deep in your soul

The cruelty of life has overtaken you and the memories have begun to fade
Yet your heart still full of compassion, your skin still the most beautiful landscape I have seen
Your thoughts though are erasing, taken from deep in your soul
One day your thoughts will not hold a memory and your eyes, all the stories will be gone

Those memories you shared are now in my every thought
The stories you have told will now be heard through the version my eyes will tell
Your beautiful life now upon my face, an empty canvas to hold more memories
Still, your lessons of compassion and faith overflow from your heart to mine for me to pass along

Some say life’s cruelty has overshadowed your soul but to me is a gift of time from God
Time to reminisce, to share, to love
A time we take for granted, a time not many are given yet for some reason
God chose to give it to us

So I will take every moment in time
not letting a single one pass
to enjoy this beautiful gift we have been given
before time is gone and the memories are erased forever