College-bound students are busy picking majors for the upcoming college year.  Many will face the dreaded task of choosing a major. The question they are asking themselves is whether or not a major should be chosen based on one’s passion, or should the practical issue of financial security reign.

Adam Sortomme is no different. With two areas of passion, the question boiled down to which he was most passionate about, and his need for financial security. Being a talented singer, songwriter, and musician while having a true passion for business, it left him wondering which path he would take during college.

Sortomme would choose financial security and a business major. According to Sortomme, “Both passion and practicality should be considered when choosing a major, but you must put a higher priority on practicality”. Due to a terminal illness, his family lost their business when his father was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1999.

After a lifetime of financial struggle, he chose to take a career path where he felt the stability would outweigh leaving his passion behind. “Once I get established after college and down the road maybe then I can look into recording or open my own recording label.” Sortomme shared.

Having already decided on his life’s purpose at the tender age of twenty, Sortomme shares that his purpose is to be happy and that with his parents as mentors, he will aspire to accomplish his business goals while keeping in mind his life’s purpose– to be happy.