Brutal Strength

I don’t think we as women think a lot about the inner strength we possess. What we put our hearts, minds, and bodies though is nothing short of mmiraclous. Maybe it is because I am still on a high from witnessing the birth of my third grandchild or utter exhaustion from being up for nearly 48 hours doing so, but I can’t stop thinking about the strength it takes to be a woman.

If you think about it, bringing a child into this world turns our bodies upside down and inside out. Not only do we feel the physical affects on our bodies, but the emotional ones as well. We watch our bodies transform in such a short period of time as we grow tiny little miracles within us. It isn’t always easy to watch as our bodies morph into something so unrecognizable.

I know for me personally, my tired old  body still suffers some of of those effects. As a mother of six and grandmother of three, my body still bears the battle scars of childbirth more than twenty years later. Whether it be the extra weight gain, the stretch marks that found a permanent home on my body, or how pregnancy and gravity have taken their toll; the insecurities most of us have about our bodies can be overwhelming at times.

As I get older, I am beginning to look past those physical changes and realize how incredible our bodies are. Rather than focus on the imperfections they hold, it is about time we look at the strength of our bodies. We have the ability to create tiny little humans from one single cell. This is truly mirqculous!


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