Looking Past The What If’s

As I await the birth of my third grandchild, I can’t help but look back at when I was having babies of my own. The possibilities of life still seemed endless, and my naive interpretation of the world swirled in my mind. Nothing seemed impossibe.

Now that I look back, I am glad that I was ignorant to the reality that life can sometime bring because if I had known, I may not  have faced this world with the same zealous view. I  more than likely would have played my life safe.

I have made my share of mistakes in life, some of gargantuan proportion, but I have also had some of the most amazing experiences that I wouldn’t change for anything. Being able to live my life without fear has allowed me to reach for my dreams in a way I never imagined.

Yes, I definitely wish some of those mistakes I could  not have made, but I can’t erase them . Living in a world of what if’s keeps you stuck in the past with no hope of enjoying the present or dreaming about the future. The best you can do is accept your mistakes, apologize to those you may have hurt, and learn to forgive yourself.

I am no longer going to dwell in my past. I am going to enjoy the present with my family and friends and look forward to my future with the goals I have set for myself and enjoy achieving my dreams.


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